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We’re the property management experts of Monroe County for over 45 years. 
At Woodbridge Group, we take pride in providing quality services, resident communications, and cost savings aiding town home and condominium communities through administration of 
contract projects and maintenance.

Property Managers

We are experts in our field and have successfully transitioned many associations from builder control to Owner control and decision making. Our fees are competitive and in some cases we have generated savings greater than our fees. We are willing to work with your current contractor base. Our business is made up of dedicated and friendly staff that is flexible and willing to tailor services to specific community needs. Our extensive knowledge of building, site development and maintenance make us unique in offering these standard services.
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Real Estate Brokers

If you're looking to buy or sell property, you shouldn't go it alone. Real estate brokers know all the ins and outs of property finance. We're happy to help our clients find just the space they are looking for. We have had success at selling properties for our clients. We can handle complex contracts and simple contracts alike. 


You'll find our team to be professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. We take our jobs seriously, and we're here to help you. Whether you are buying or you're selling, let us handle the details. That's why we're here. 

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