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Property Management Services

Pittsford's Trusted Property Managers

Our Attributes & Services Include But Are Not Limited To:

• Woodbridge Group is the only Management Company with qualified in-house experts in construction technology.          Our experience dates back to 1971 as one of the first management companies in the area as Townhomes and              Condominiums developed. 

• We have trained Managers with years of experience; we don’t hire a manager to take over a new account. You will        be assigned two managers at all times for seamless responsibility, a proven system.  

• 45 years of Management portfolio experience in all types of construction and Ownership profiles protects you and      saves money through our years of contract supervision.

• Providing understandable easily read financial reports.

• 24/7 availability to Owners and the Board. 

• Back up contractor support for any emergency.

• Competitive fees with no automatic increases.

• Excellent communication skills with Owners and we are dedicated in supporting the volunteer Board, keeping the       Board off the firing line.

• Our Monthly fee is our full management commitment.

• We are Licensed and Bonded, members of multiple professional and trade associations to maintain our educational    and legal awareness of our industry as consultants.

• We strive for Quality service and maintaining long–term relationships with Boards, Owners, and outside contractors.

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